Friday, May 21, 2010

Your Facebook account has been deactivated.

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We hope you come back soon.

i'll be back.
sampai rasa dh tenang.
rasa cam nak nanges pulakk.
hhuk :'(

aghh leleh lagi.
done 'ere.



nur safina izwani said...

lahhh , awat pulak far ? ;'(

akmal shamil said...

sbr far:)
come back soon.

nur safina izwani said...

far , kami mintak maaf taw :)

aku , afiq && the restt , so sorry .

fartvxqhlovate said...

pina,ehh wehh. jgn wt aku rsa bersalah terok sgt. sorry dearr.
it wasnt your fault laa.
mmg slh aku pn.
these days aku slalu kna tego laa kt FB.
sbb tu aku deactivate.
i want to mke 'em feel calm dlu. n so do myself.
sorry2 :[

mel, thnx :D

nur safina izwani said...

ngehee , tayah sory lahh .
ta salah pon :)