Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lucifer. I didnt make a mistake, but i made a wrong statement, maybe :P


first of all.
 the topic is still the same.
SHINee Lucifer.

the title is yes, my statement was right.
satan's name.
BUT, err.
i just got the chance to read the lyrics.
and the song is not about admiring the satan.
but they're saying the girl's character that attracts them is like Lucifer.

however, the wrong thing is still the right one i got.
i mean, Lucifer, it's not good for us to sing satan's name right?

it's your choice.
i've made my part here.
btw, we got soooooo many other songs to listen.

i did listen to Lucifer for the first time before i write this entry.
the song is quite great i know.

and the SHINee guys are still handsome, yeaa i know :)

but, as what i've said.
we knew it already.
things that lead to the wrong thing IS the wrong one.

fi amanillah :)


still, i'm not perfect. correct me if i'm wrong.


Syaza Suraini said...

akk da baca da translation lyrics dia smlm,it was not a mistake, i guess.

anggap pompuan tu "menggoda" mcm the Lucifer, that's enough. nyanyi lagu puja pompuan pon xboleh, nikan plak ada TOP UP menyamakan "bisikan" dia mcm satan. xD

fartvxqhlovate said...

haha. okee then. :) sng sket.