Saturday, July 17, 2010

you're beautiful- A.N.JELL

nice story to narrate :)
have you watced You're Beautiful?
if you havent, i suggest you to watch it.
because the rate if the story is higher than Flower Boys!!
and true, the story is very interesting :)

the main cast are:
- Jang Geun Seuk
- Lee Hong Ki
- Park Yong Hwa
- Park Shin Hye

well, the songs in the story are great too.
lemme suggest you the OSTs.

- my heart's calling - Kim Dong Wook
- Without Words - Park Shin Hye[female version]/ Jang Geun Seuk[male version]
- still/as ever - Lee Hong Ki/ A.N.JELL[they all sing]
- Promise - Jang Geun Seuk/ A.N.JELL

bet you wont regret and u're gonna feel like watching it again and again!!!

and latest news, credit to Soompi, they had a reunion!
but Yonghwa is not there. because he's not in the pic. i guess he's busy with CN Blue's concert or sumtin :P

this is the picture of theirs at Japan! :) 
*Park Shin Hye's hair grows longer :D

super cute huh? 

geun suk oppa, saranghae <3


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