Saturday, August 7, 2010

donghae appa's 4th dead anniversary.

annyeong! :)
morning sunshine!
morning world!
morning life!

today is oppa's appa's 4th dead anniversary.
#BeStrongHae is actively trending on twitter.
if you got your account,
please, show your support to donghae oppa :)

Please make a moment of silence for his dad, the father of a sweet,
 loving and caring person; he most surely was a sweet person as well.
We love you oppa, stay strong!

donghae's father death on August 8 at 3 am, a mourning was held at the 
ChollaNamdo Mokpo hospital on the morning of the 10th.

the day his father left, yes he cried.
hhu :'(

donghae oppa, please remember to be strong.
you know you got thousands of fans out there supporting you.
we'll always love you! :')

fartvxqhlovate :)

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