Friday, August 6, 2010

F stands for FAR :)

why would i say F but not S?
i would love people to call me farzana.
much better than siti :)

i got only two words in my name.
random laa. HAHA :)

saya berbangga bernama Farzana.
heheks :P
takda kerja betul sbenarnya nih :)

and mostly yeahh :)
falling for the first crush pun, errr. F jugak. HAHA :P
joking neway.

F is so fair.
masa form1 dlu,
Enscima Camp.
use adjective to describe your name.

Zuk used zealous Zuk :)

i used what hmm?
Fashionable Far :)

kenapa cerita pasal F?
just because.
*i know it aint an answer :)

i just wanna write.
perhaps lepas beli key-chain lawaa written capital F!

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