Sunday, August 22, 2010

Korean Band Official Fanclub Names

  • Super Junior fans are called ELF because it stands for Everlasting Friends. It means that their fans will always be their fans & love them no matter what. Also, it means that their fans are more than fans to them, they're more like dear friends.

  • SNSD fans are called S♥NEs because it means that SNSD & their fans are one. Hence, the pronunciation of S♥NE as "So One."

Other fanbases ~

  • SHINee's fanclub, SHINee World is taken from the title of their first album & because Shining Land = SHINee + World. It's also known as Shawol, which is just a shortened version of the two words combined.

  • DBSK's fanclub, Cassiopeia, is the name of a constellation with 5 main stars & there are 5 members in DBSK. Without a star, Cassiopeia [the constellation] wouldn't be Cassiopeia so they're emphasizing the importance of every member.

  • 2PM's fanclub is named Hottest because JYP considers 2:00PM as the hottest time of the day.

  • 2AM's fanclub is named I am because 2AM + 2PM = One Day. I am + Hottest = I am Hottest. Very clever ~!

  • FT Island's fanclub is named Primadonna because it's the name of their first album's song title. It also means that their fans are the heroines of their lives.

  • U-Kiss' fanclub is named Kiss Me & I think the meaning behind that is pretty obvious ^^

  • Kara's fanclub is named Kamilia because it's a combination of the words Kara & familia.

  • 2NE1's fanclub is named Black Jacks because Black Jacks is also known as Twenty-One.

  • CN Blue's fanclub is named BOICE because it's the words "voice" & "blue" combined.

  • ZEA's fanclub is named D.I.Y (I think) for obvious reasons.

  • MBLAQ's fanclub is named A+ because all of the members' bloodtypes are A & it also means their absolute quality (from Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality) is A+.

  • SS501's fanclub is named Triple S because the first 2 S's are taken from the band name, which stands for Super Stars & they added on another S, which stands for supporter.

  • Brown Eyed Girls' fanclub is named Everlasting. Idk why though... Wish their fanclub name wasn't so close to SuJu's -_-

  • f(x)'s "fanclub" is named Aff(x)tion, pronounced Affection. Meaning is obvious. It's not an official fanclub yet though, just the name of their international forum.

  • 4minute's fanclub is named 4NIA because 4minute + Mania = 4NIA.

  • B2ST's fanclub is named B2UTY. Obvious reasons.

Oh, I found fanclubs for individual members:

  • MIRacle - Mir (MBLAQ) *obvious*
  • Soonja - Thunder (MBLAQ) *Idk the meaning behind this one*
  • SeungHolics – Seungho (MBLAQ) *obvious*
  • Flames – Minho (SHINee) *because his nickname is Flaming Charisma*
  • Blingers – Jonghyun (SHINee) *because his nickname is Bling Bling*
  • Lockets – Key (SHINee) *key-locket, get it? :)*
  • M.V.Ps – Onew (SHINee) *In their debut song, Nuna You're So Pretty, Onew sings "Nuna you're my MVP"
  • Taemints – Taemin (SHINee) *After their debut, Taemin would always carry around candy with SHINee wrappers to give to nunas. I think this is the cutest fanclub name ever!!*
  • J+ - Joon (MBLAQ) *a play on MBLAQ's fanclub name, only replacing the A with his first initial*
  • Jaywalkers - Jay Park/Jaebeom *obvious
  • PETALS - Kim Heechul 
  • Soonja  - Thunder ( because he call his backpack soonja)

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    Anonymous said...

    Kim Heechul (SuJu) calls his fans, Petals:)

    Anonymous said...

    You forgot at Shinhwa Changjo

    shafiqah amira said...

    the name ze:a's fan club is D.I.Y not ZE:A'a STYLE!

    Helloimys B2uty said...

    Do you know Supreme Team and Mighty Mouth Fans name?

    Anonymous said...

    Its called soonja for thunder because he used to call his backpack soonja if I recall well.

    Anonymous said...

    Do you know secret fans name ?

    Anonymous said...

    it's secret time