Friday, August 27, 2010

my friends.

perot tong. HAHA :D that's true. nak bukti?
i show you guys, 

THIS! :) hhuk. aku and anati kena serbu! :P 

this is a very concrete prove! :DD

you know, we have our own rules. let me tell ya :)

1. puji belakang.
2. kutuk depan :D
3. bagi makan, kami diam.
4. potong part 'berdisiplin' time baca ikrar. sebab takut tak ikut ikrar tu nanti. dosa free jek :P
5. we talk straight, hate us if you want.
6. we're trying to change for good, lead us if you can.
7. we're studying, teach us if you're kind.
we're active, play with us when you're free :)
8. we laugh the loudest.
9. we are counted as limitless
10. we're doing our best in everything:)

it's US <3


Syaza Suraini said...

hahah rules korg sgt sempoi.. terutama kat part ikrar. never thought of that! xD

fartvxqhlovate said...

errr. yg ikrar tu mmg kenyataan :P haha. dh jdik habit se'geng'. time ikrar je, tiba2 diam part berdisiplin and menghormati dan mematuhi peraturan sekolah.
other rules tuh memain jek. tp top 5 rules tu mmg betoi laa :P