Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Barbie's Quotes

“ What makes you different, makes you special”

It’s a quote. That I always read at the end of any Barbie’s story.
I love watching the movies. It’s kinda fun. Gives hope.
And this is the second quote I’ve learned yesterday after watching Barbie and the Three Musketeers.

“ Believe in your dreams even when people say it’s impossible”

Heee :P I think my friends would be laughing knowing I’ve been watching over Barbie’s movies. It’s not a crime anyway. They should’ve known.

I really can remember the movie, Barbie and the Twelve Dancing Princess. The story was damn awesome. I like it! [haha :D as how Enrique Iglesias sings his song]

All Barbie’s movies are certainly great. Just watch them. You’ll never regret. Haha :D

I remember the song from one of the movie,Barbie and the Diamond Castle.

Believe.. in all that can be
A miracle starts, whenever you dream…
Believe and sing from your heart you’ll see
Your song will hold the key…

:)  It’s a great one. Haha :D gives you spirit^^

Anything, anytime, remember, dreams are not meant for sleeping.

It’s your life. Make it true.

“Dreams are not the things that you found in your sleep, they’re the ones that makes you can’t sleep.”

With love,
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saff'sWords said...

barbie la vavi de b**i. hahahah.

fartvxqhlovate said...

hampehhss. haha

fizie said...

penshes balabie~~~ pelat sungguh! :)

fartvxqhlovate said...

haha :D kaqut dua2. mmg sgt laaa.

fizie said...

haha. well~~~ :DD