Wednesday, September 1, 2010

judge me and make sure you're right!

Don’t judge me.
You don’t have the right to.
You don’t know what I’ve been through.
You don’t know what I’ve felt
Or what I feel right now.
So find something better
To do with your time
Than judging someone
You know nothing about.



Syaza Suraini said...

great expression! mmg minat eh this kind of thing? i mean, ur quotes, ur poems, etc. u sure love reading..kot? xD

*than judging
[no need to approve.]
or is it ur style of poetry? then, never mind this comment :)

fartvxqhlovate said...

i love to read poems and quotes yea ofcourse :)
i do write poems sometimes, tp jiwang sgt. tu xbrani post tuh. HAHA :PP
tp lupa nk ckp, this poem is not mine. anonymously written.
ohh, thnx betulkan^^