Monday, September 6, 2010

...the memory replayed itself

today is a fine day :) heee.
what a title anyway.

the title..hmm, just because.
i guess that's not a good anwer hm?
well, today, i had a very long conversation through phone with my old school friends.
hell-yeah! i MISS them very much.
we decided to do a break fast event at SR.
that's Ieqah's idea of course. heeee :P
i don't really care wherever the place is.
i just want to spend my time with you guys.
almaklum, we have our own ways, but it doesn't mean we've changed or whatever the perception is.

heh :P melalut lebih pulak.
however, buat masa sekarang, the result for the event is still hang.
because, actually they wanted to do it tomorrow but i can't join as my sister is coming home tomorrow.
so, ieqah changed the date to wednesday.
and there the probem still happened.
Bella is going back to Malacca.
haish haish. ada saja ujian kan?

entahla. i think we should proceed it to after raya. boleh ke? hmm.

that's not the point here actually :)

i had a conversation with Bella. actually, i call her Eyla. heee.
it's been a long time since we haven't met each other anymore.
bukan lupa kawan, but seriously, time aku free, dia sibuk. dy free, aku sibuk.
we talked for a long time jugak. dh lama woah tak cakap dengan dia. malu jugak tadi :P

we talk from one to another topics. kinda fun :) it's been 3 years i think!
so, i don't have to be so detail.
we knew what we talked about.
she thanked me for the letter i sent her.
heee :) that's just my boring part-time job.

we also talked about something that is quite important to me.
bla3. the detail is only for both of us :)
but what i'm saying here is,
she's right. heee :)
no detail. fullstop.

and i guess it's a long entry.
put it a stop here.
as the title, the memory replayed itself when we talk :)
i miss my old buddies 
very much! :)

with love,

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