Sunday, September 5, 2010

one part is revealed.

"Dia mungkin bengis seperti singa tapi dia nangis tonton cerita Korea. suits you. :PP"
saff anirffas. took from fynn jamal's 150 juta

haha :D when my true friend reveals apart of me :PP 
i like that one.
though it doesn't come from her word, but she took it from fynn jamal's lyrics.
well, it's fine for me.
hehe. cuz it's kinda true.
i admit it. i'm quite garang or whatever you want to call it as :P
but i can simply cry also.
that's my weakness and i hate that.
when it comes to feelings, 
doesn't matter if you talk about hate, love, anger, pain or any other thing,
i'm gonna be over it.
hehs :P
nice one.
i like that veryyy much :)
and truly, the word Korea also is true.
i cry watching over korean dramas. hehehe :PP
whatever people call you EMO EMO EMO...
bukan aku suruh mata aku menangis.
aku pun kurang suka bhai,
nk buat macam mana.
tu kelemahan aku :P

but don't get me wrong.
it doesn't mean that i can simply cry if YOU scold me.
heh. malam siket.
kalau yang mencari pasal kelas satu tuh, 
bukan aku nanges, tapi aku tengking. maybe :P

done merapu.


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saff'sWords said...

hahaha. ak tak boleh kalo tak teringat ang dengaq lagu nie.