Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The preparation.

Crap. I’m tired. Haha :P well, today is very busy. Oh yeah. Preparation for hari raya of course. Whoever on earth that don’t have to clean their house for that, is kinda weird for me. As the only girl [for now], I have to do everything! And having that fatty-acid is the house is just such a jerk. He should go somewhere else and get drowned! No helping at all. Grrr.

However, he did help a little. But only when my father yelled at him. Heh, if I have the power to kick him, I’ve surely did that for many times. He kept making noise but the thing he did was very little. Besar kuman je pun. Bising lebih. Dah tu melawan pulak. Ketuk sedas! Bisingg jek.

My sister is coming home today, so my room has to be very clean, neat and tidy. She’ll nag if the room is messy. As we live in the same room. I wonder why my second sister and my younger brother own their own room each. Sheesh. Anak nombor genap dalam family aku memang ganjil belaka! -.-‘

Haish haish. I don’t know what other thing we made. But surely, the house is now quite tidy. Before this, nobody got the time to kemas-kemas segala. Bila ada masa, hah! Now I realize aku tak mandi sebab buat kerja jek -.-‘ haishh. Apa nak jadik :P tapi takpe la. Bukan keluar rumah langsung pun kan. Heeee.

That’s all.

Done merapu meraban.
I miss somebody :’)


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