Sunday, September 5, 2010

wajah comel yang membuatkanku tersenyum :)

haha :) comel tak budak nih?
his name is ilham. can't remember the full name :P

When I saw this face, I would like to smile :) at least, today. maybe because of his cuteness.
Comel kan dia?
He is cute. I saw his picture from his daddy’s FB. Ayah dia seorang male nurse and a part-time photographer. I know him pun because he’s the photographer of my cousin’s wedding :)

He got nice touch. I have to admit it. I asked him somehow, why don’t he just do some promotion on blogs or something that can make money. But he said, “I’m still new. I want to find my greatest shoot to give the best sight to the viewers”

Well, that’s a good one I think :) as he do the job for people’s satisfactory.[ btol ke nih? i want to say, kepuasan hati :p]

However, this picture, credit to you, Pakcik Khairul Anuar! 


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