Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday my Husband, Lee Donghae


i'm a big fan of him y'know.
and it's very hard for me to forget him T____T

some people may say,
hey far.
senang je nak lupa artis
sebab diorang tak kenal kita pun.

ohh iye?
ahaaa. itu your pendapat.

for now, memang la ontheway nak lupa kan.
tapi, it's kinda hard y'know.
nak tau kenapa.
maybe sebab i've been falling for the Korean since i was 12 kott.
and my friends selama ni pun,
they are all influenced by me.
some of them memang minat korea jugak dah sebelum tuh.
tapi they just know about the dramas and something related to it.

i'm the one who first introduced them to TVXQ.
then melarat ke SuperJunior.
then melarat lagi ke bla...and bla again.
and sampai sekarang,
new bands are still formed and somehow,
diorang sure tak penah lepas nak tau punya.

terbalik pulak for me.
i just love the senior groups.
like TVXQ and others yang lahir sezaman dengannya.

and tomorrow,
is my most biased from Super Junior's birthday!
it's Lee Donghae's birthday!
it's hard to forget him y'know.
what you see in me baru sikit.
cuba kenal other ELFs or other Cassies tengok.
diorang tuh dah macam puja tahap dewa la dengan depa2 korea ni.

aku pun, errr. maybe la.

tapi apa yang aku nk cakap, aku sedih, untuk tinggalkan Donghae.
uhukkkk T___T
*tak matang gila doh! tapi kenyataan la bhai!

err, oppa!
cheolmal sarangHAE! joaHAE!  
donghae oppa,
may you live happily with all members till your last breath.
what i love in you is your smile and cute sensitivity.
i know you will never read this, but i still love you somehow -.-'
neorago oppa! in the group that i love the most :')

cheolmal cheolmal cheolmal saranghae! :)


Happy Birthday Donghae Oppa.
don't let anti fans make you fell down.
you'll always have ELFs by your side.

last love wish,

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