Sunday, October 31, 2010

i change my layout.

salam :)

okayy. i don't know whether it's good or not.
memandangkan they are the models,
why don't i just use their pic as my blog layout?
that was my thought.

and now, they are the layout :)
since they can panjat the couch on their own,
i gave them, a little penghargaan here :))

taken from the DamiaDania's mom FB.
here's the real pic.

veru cute. right? :)

i bet there'll be no one dare to say they're not.

and one problem using this layout is, i don't know how to make it stick very permanent as a background.
because i hate a moving layout -.-'
it keeps rolling once i scroll down the page.
how do i change it? :(

the model is damn cute enough.
i just need to edit the picture so that it can be permanent as a real background should.

okay. that's all :)

love <3,
fartvxqhlovate :)

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