Saturday, November 6, 2010

Award from

annyeong :)
gamsa YoonaELF for the award! :)

okay :) answering all Ques.

1. Who owner for
YoonaELF [ nick kat formspring]

2. What's your name?

3. Who's your first bias?
Park Yoochun [DBSK]
The Whole DBSK Members! :'(
Lee Donghae [SuperJunior]

4. Who's your bias [idol]?
Don't have idol in Kpop -.-'

5. What group you like the most?
Mianhamnida SuperJunior, the answer is = DongBangShinKi :')

6. Why you follow
For fun. for Kpop :P

a follower, Far :)

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bagus juga entry ini..salam.