Saturday, November 27, 2010

What does your eyes say about you?

Ever look into someones eyes and can tell what there feeling? Ever wonder what others see when they look in your eyes? Lets find out!

result image

What jumps out to you?


Favorite Snack?

Whatever im in the mood to eat

Which Song title draws you the most?

Do You Know What It Feels Like

Which Actor/Actress are you most familiar with?

Anne Hathaway

Favorite Legendary Creature?


What Kind of Movies do you like?


What Do you do in your free time?

Tv, Video games, computer, whatever really

How do you feel now?


Would You rather...

Look up at the sky wondering so many different things

And Favorite Color out of these?




Your eyes show your hiding more then you let on, the scars life has left you may never go away, but they will heal with time.

My comment :
Firstly, bongek je tukang buat kuiz ni sebab letak gambar mata yang TOTALLY scary. grrr.
Secondly, when it comes to the result, my eyes show pain? hmm, that's TOO harsh. ok. aku takde in pain all the time. I do smile always ok!
but thirdly, the explanation of the result, hiding more than you let on. this one i don't know. as i answered everything all in a very honest way.

and yeah! it's been a long time tak ambil quiz :P
thanks to beloved Hlovate to suggest a website yang quite interesting^^
Quizilla of course :) i like^^

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