Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Kind of Teen Are You?

Favorite Color? *braces self*



I have way too many, I dont even know whythey love me ^^ But I love every one of them.

Youre getting ready for school you grab~

My Calculater,Three notbooks,Six Pencils, Oh for clothes?Well a Pink vest white buttonup undershirt, (okay ill get back to you)


Oh I study pretty hard I guess, I get B's and C's with the occasional A's

Hows Life?

~sigh~ Where Do I start?


Positive ^^

People Think You Look~




You love Life, Everyone likes you because youre easy to relate with, You like a wide variety of things, and you accept people as they are, If the world could know how great you were, you would take the chance. Dont get in over youre head though, than people start to hate.

- bla. bla. bla. the result is veryyy beng! i maybe popular sebab aku agak ramah KOT. [ramah ke?] tahla. tkdela POPULAR sangat. biasa sahaja. sekadar dikenali orang :)
- i'm NOT pretty. biasa saja. tapi, aku lengkap fizikal sebab aku sebaik-baik ciptaan. KAN? :) Allah dah cakap^^
- I'm NOT hot. OK, to tell the truth, taktau kenapa aku memang sangat annoyed if people admit or even say THEY ARE HOT. Hot tuh dari segi apa? erk. sangat geli. Kalau Hot-Tempered, aaaa. yang tu baru aku :P
- Nice. ehh, yang ni tanya kawan aku la. I'm nice to those who ARE nice to me :) and learning to be a nice kid. nak jadi budak baik! that's the aim :')

however, takboleh nak kata apa la kan, quiz ni mat saleh yang buat, soo..result pun memang ergh. come on laa. tak relevan :) abaikan. for fun eyy!

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