Friday, December 17, 2010

I really want to see them!

Well, salam'alayk! :)
I'm extremely excited.
wae? heee.

supposedly, I have visited them since the first day they're back in Malaysia.
since I got a very busy schedule,
I can't fulfill that one.
However, today is Saturday!
and I'm free.
After I go to Kenduri at Safiah's for her brother's wedding,
I'll drop by there! Kuala Muda!

to see the cute models of mine! <3 awwww!
I envy Makcik Milah with her picture with the cute girl! grrr,
well, I can't recognize which one of course. 
that's my weakness I know.

I even got twin friends in my school.
and my sikap hampeh is,
when I see them together,
If diorang tak pakai baju sekolah,
I'll straightly ask, mana Fatin, mana Fatehah?
eheh :P

I have great wonder how people can simply recognize twins. 
Even muka sama pun it's hard for me to recognize people tau.
Macam mak si kembar kedek-kedek nih.
I can't tell whether it's Kaklang or Kaklong.
jujur nih :P

however, malam nanti saya sampai okeh! kedek-kedek jangan pi manaaaa! :D

ouh. them and their mom! :)

sengih jgn tak sengih! :DD

auuwww! sangat excited! <3


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