Friday, January 28, 2011

I’m tired of it.

Sometimes I felt like leaving. I hate being the one who cries for those who left :’( Emosi lebih? Sukati. Tak kacau kau. Huh.

I’m sick of being the one who’s left. I know he’s a teacher. But I felt like I’ve faced this kind of farewell too much.  Though this is not his will, I felt horribly sad. My ENGLISH! It’s bad enough before. I don’t know.
Now, Sir Said is leaving :’( why does it has to be this year? Pelik sangat lah! Takde tahun lain dah ke? That’s a very sad thing to me.

He’s a very big spirit man with his smart plans. He planned everything. And he told us all. We were kinda excited enough. That’s true. Now I truly understand why the Form 5 always be the closest to the teachers. They care :’) I just felt like, he’s a father. A very lovely father, who I don’t want him to leave!

Everybody is sad! Everybody knows! Everybody cares! :’( Even the ex-students feel sad too. Uhuuuu.

I don’t know, these days I can’t stop my eyes from tearing. Tak muhong aih. Bukan hiperbola pun. Tak caya gi tanya je sesapa. Sebut je nama sir Said, mula la aku nak buat drama. He is a very good one la. 

Life must go on. Whether I'm still here or not, you're still going to sit for SPM this 14th of Nov. You'll still have to struggle for it. 

- Sir Said ♥ :')

*He spent part of his life and career in Irshad :')

When he said that, grrr, memang leleh la keja. Sir, sedih doe. Uhukk.

Tapi to think from his own side,
sampai bila he'll stand with that jawatan if he had to berkorban for us.
Even he doesn't want to leave, but it's an order. Satu arahan.
Like Kuasa Veto one.
Musti lah sedih :'(

However, semua orang kena positive. He'll always be with us. No matter what! 
So, let's fight and prove him we can :')
We really can.

Masih sedih,
Farzana :'(