Saturday, May 7, 2011

Unconditional Love.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

OK, straight to the point. To be honest, I don't remember the date for Mother's Day.
Since people keep updating and wishing it today ; on FB. So, it means today is the day.

I don't know what to say.
I'm now supposed to be facing - reading - memorising my History Textbooks for F4 and F5 to get A+ for my PPT. 
But I'd say some things that crossed my mind. (for now, yet this post is not planned)
Sebab to appreciate.

Mother, you scold, you nag, you make me feel like home was like hell for some times.
For all the time being, I'd like to say sorry. I didn't mean to be a naughty daughter.
Well, people made mistakes of course. Adik mintak maaf.

Yes, you cared. Proven when you take good care of me when I was hospitalized after the accident. Actually, it's not this. It's proven all the time. When you care. Grew me up this big. I'm touched.
Thanks for taking good care of me. 
Mother, more to say. Thanks and sorry for all.

Ummi, Happi Mother's Day. Your unconditional love, lemme say, I'm speechless here actually.

*when I'm writing this post, my parents is on their way to Sidney. ehem, jumpak menantu - Matluthfi :)

so, thanks for all. again. memang post nie tak touching, but I'm touched. and I'm crying.
btw, tengok la this vid by my mother's menantu ehemm ehemm Matluthfi.-Mamamama.

Farzana Rosley.

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