Friday, June 24, 2011

Teachers' Day

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Teachers Day, as we all know, tu cerita lama, but still, aku lupa update :P
So kat sini nak wish to all teachers around the world a very happy belated teachers day! 
May Allah bless you all and thanks for teaching me :)
To my teachers since my mata start terbuka, 
ummi and abah my parents.

Take care all.
Thanks again.
And yeah, nak cerita lagi :)
As usual, Athirah and I was given a usual task like last year. Buat and edit video.
Since people love the idea of the Irshadian Around the Globe, 
we did it again. 
Cuma this time versi Vlog sikit.
But still alhamdulillah, we and the other crew did our best and gave our all.
Thanks for the good responses you gave us :) 
Terharuuuu :')
So, enjoy this vid yeahhhhh,

Thanks all.
FareyFar :)

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