Thursday, December 29, 2011

Funny Talks on Kpop :D

Assalamualaikum w.b.t! 
I'm a kpopholic ok. Can't stop HAHA
I started to fall for Kpop when my sister introduced me to DBSK.
When they were still 5.
SO, been through everything as a TRUE Cassiopeia.
Going on with the other groups after that.
Knowing SuperJunior and all.
Then I satrted to learn REALLY deep on Kpop and their shows and else. 
If you want to say drama, I've been into it since I was 9 years old HAHA

As a CassiELF, I'm really disappointed with the thing that happened to my beloved SJ today on SBS Gayo Daejun.
However, I found a very hilarious fan-made quotes from a likepage on FB - E U N H A E HOLIC
SuJu : F*ck you, SM
ELFs : F*ck you, SM.
JYJ : This is exactly the reason why we left.
Hangeng : I was right.
Kibum : What's going on?
F(x) fans : When are you going to give us our official fanclub name?
Shawols : When is SHINee coming back?
Yunho & Changmin : ...........
Cassiopeia : Told you, SM sucks.
Heechul & Kangin : That's it! We're coming home!!!

Seriously , SME , Eat Food. :D -Jf
Some people only realise it TODAY? Well most of Cassies learned it earlier ehe.Why SNSD is not in the quote? Well everybody knows SME biased on SNSD. It's just a little fact.
I'm a SONE too so other SONE please don't get mad.
Love y'all kpop holics :) SME just need to be fair :) Until then they can only be called as SM Family :')
An all the time Cassiopeia who support JYJ + HoMin = Real TVXQ


juzshiper said...

obviously sones would say this:SM is so good managing our money:P

fartvxqhlovate said...

SONE would say THAT as SONE never know how many albums that they release for SNSD compared to Suju JUST to make them on top. that's the truth. support lah SM tuuu kalau hng minat SNSD, heh. I am their fan, no doubt. tp ak tau dorg buat apa. tk support buta2 je.

juzshiper said...
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fartvxqhlovate said...

all SM artists are popular worldwide. taking advantage on other's royalty is not that good. mohon tk perlu komen dh la pasal ni. we have our own opinions and i will never support SM. that's it. case's closed.

juzshiper said...

sorry:)i meant no harm...