Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A late post after SPM.

Firstly, bismillahirrahmanirrahim and assalamualaikum wbt to all :)

Long time no write, ehe. Well bajet macam orang baca sangat. Tapi tak heran, nak tulis jugak.
Sorry for a late post.
Alhamdulillah PC dah sihat. sebelum ni rosak T__T
tapi syukur double pasal semua file yang dulu boleh simpan. ehe,

SO, SPM IS OVER on last 13th Dec. And THAT night I went to Singapore.
I had a very great trip there, though I had a dinner that I can't attend( batch's dinner) 

So so so so... I had my very own good time. And planning for more activities err which I don't know if I can fulfill them.

However, it's great to write again :)


Love Far.

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