Saturday, May 26, 2012

If I Ever Change….

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim :) Assalamualaikum wbt.

So, a new post. This isn’t about my experience in Baitullah. This isn’t another post copied from KP’s post. This is sort of a farewell speech? Hehehe

Im interested to make one since most of my friends wrote their speech on Batch Group’s Page on FB. I’m pretty shy to write it there. Im scared if my post isn’t Islamic at all. In which, I’ll feel burdened to write one that is pretty the same as their speech.

It’s not that Im saying that Im not trying to give a speech that benefits others, but I just feel like I cant write freely as how I used to. Hehehe :p

So, I’m gonna live pretty far from others after this. Im gonna face new surrounding, new people around with different backgrounds, new life and everything new since there’s none of us (in my school batch is going to Kuantan w/ me)

Well, my speech is like Im going to study abroad right? Haha well macam biasa lah. My style. (Like a boss, since this is my blog :p)

With all the new things Im gonna face, what I really hope is there will be nonew’ version of me.

I'm telling you guys,
If I ever change, be it to a better one.
But if I ever change to a person that’s worse than how I am today, I really hope that you can tell me. And correct me. And make me realize how bad I’ve been doing.
Tegurlah beta. If I ever change…

That what friends are for, right?

Last but not least, ukhuwwah fillah Abadan abada :) May our bond remains strong.

0711 are the years that I faced almost everything that can make me be as how I am today. With everyone around, we grew mature together. Let’s just not forget each other :)

Nak kahwin jemput ai. Hahaha :p

That’s it. (tak terharu pun baca -..- bosan ah kan?.. Sorry naa. )



Amilia Najiha :) said...

Not too late to wish you, I hope. Kakfar good luck kat sana ! Jaga hati, jaga iman, jaga akal :) May Allah always bless and take care of you anywhere you'r being.. ameen.

fartvxqhlovate said...

thanks dear :) in shaa Allah. for the time being, Im still being the old me. the biah here isn't the same as Irshad. and I hope I can do sth to change it here ;)