Monday, June 18, 2012

New days ahead...

Well Assalamualaikum wbt!

So, this is my first entry after I become the UiTM Kuantan's TESLian Group D :)
Alhamdulillah. That's all I could say.

I am grateful that I am going to experience new and awesome things ahead, 

with new friends and surroundings.

From my first week, I feel extremely good with my lecturers :) They're all very sporting!
*suddenly I miss my school teachers :) I hope they're all doing well!

Yes, what's not really good is, of course, we're here from different backgrounds and not all of us are able to perform anything that is actually a Muslimah should do, but yeah, I'm again, grateful that previously in my school, I was taught w/ it. Alhamdulillah.

To change this kind of 'too social' environment, is actually not very easy. But it is NOT impossible. Here, we have an Islamic Club called 'Global Islamic Art'. And I joined the club for sure :) There are three clubs here, GIA is the only club that caught my attention since Im not really good at debating, (there's a Debate/Debat Club also).

However, I don't get any jawatan in the club. It's fine then. Because my purpose to be here is not to be well-known. *cukup lah dah femes sikit masa sekolah dulu hihihi :p and it's not easy to hold such responsibility. You must give your full commitment.

I sure will do my best to be a good student in shaa Allah :) As long as I have Allah & Rasulullah, family and friends w/ me :*

I'm expecting new days of mine will bloom shine and shiner hahaha :) In shaa Allah. All the best, ALL!

Farzana Rosley.

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syahirah said...

assalamualaikum far.. :)

em,panjangnya nama club tu, "global islamic art" tgk mcm utp, ringkas dan padat, 'rakan masjid'. :D heheh. bagus2, semoga hg kuat kt sana. :')