Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sweet 18 Wishes! :)

First of all, assalamualaikum wbt ;)
Thank you everyone for your wishes. May Allah bless all of you
Thanks to my friends here in Kuantan for the celeb ;) 
Well yeah, here’s the birthday girl’s  wishes.
-          I wanna be a better Muslimah at every single moment Im living ;)
-          I wanna score the best result, chosen for Medsi interview -> further my degree in UIA! Aminnnn :D
-          I want to perform Umrah again! :) I miss Tanah Suci veghyyy muchhhh! :’)
-          I want to travel around the world at this young age -> In shaa Allah I’ll visit my friends yg belajar kat oversea tuuu! Hihi aminnnn :)
-          May the bond between my family and relatives get stronger each day :)
-          May my ukhuwah w/ friends ( BFFs and AWESOMEBFFs) last till jannah!
-          May I can be a good person -> get redha Allah -> masuk syurgaaa ! aminnn! :)

And last but not least *serious mode*

-          May my future spouse (whom I don’t know and I don’t wanna know yet..) is doing well, trying to be a good person (as how Im trying to), and live well till we meet, get married and have a happy family :)

This isn’t another puppy love dream. It’s a wish of a young-adult girl. Grown up, but still looking for my identity. This is just another wish of mine – to have a good future, in shaa Allah! :)   

Most of all, Thank you Allah to let me have this moment. 18 years and still counting. The Only One that will always be there for me. Allahu rabbi :)

A post that is not planned. So, macam ni lah jadinya :)

Thank you everyone! :) Family + Friends. Great day alhamdulillah! :)

And yeah, Happy 2ndRunnerversary Running Man! :D I love youuuuu 

That's it.

Lots of love, 
Farzana Rosley.
Fareyfar ;P

Ex-birthday girl :)

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