Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A post before final.

Assalamualaikum wbt. 

Been so quiet all these while. Well actually I quiet on my blog je. Hahaha malas nak update -.- Final is coming in less than five days. And what am I doing? Blogging instead of studying? Takdak ah. Im rewarding myself. 

Sebenarnya before this I tried for timessss to open my blog. I can open my dashboard tapi pelik tak boleh bukak entry post. Bila dah nak dekat final ni boleh pulok >.< Perangai betui blog ni. Hahaha

Being a TESLian is sth that I yearned for. I guess. Bila Im here, I feel so great. having great and open-minded friends around me, I feel blessed. 

When final is approaching, there's one thing I feel sad of. A bit. Towards my fellow classmates. I love 'em so much. I enjoy it every second Im with em when Im in my class. But yeah, that side of me when Im in the class, they see it differently. Even I wonder whyyy. Hahaha. 

I just feel a bit disappointed. With my own self. Why do I never tried to be the same old me as how I was back during my school days. I wasnt that great but yeah I do admit that I was pretty bright. Well dont get misunderstood. That bright side that I mean is being so cheerful - get known by almost everyone in the school but still, being ME :)

However, here. I didnt get the chance. Of course, I have no one to blame. But yeahhh. It's me. Im not being fake of course. But just a little less of that positive cheerful side of me. I never get the chance to show that to my fellow classmates.

Therefore, I dont know why I end up writing this. But yeah, I love you people of TESL D :')
You guys are so sweet. I feel great. We're siblings. A family I guess. With existance of Papa Hakim and Mama Batmann? Lulz :)

I like it that way. I wish to be in the same class with most of us again. 

my fellow-beloved-awesome-cool CLASSMATES ever! :*

That's it. Hahaha. All the best TESLians of UiTM Kuantan! ILY peeps :D Especially TESL D :*
And yeah, dear Lawriens too.




Nurul_Yui said...

i luv you too Far :3

Farzana Rosley (fartvxqhlovate) said...

thanks yui :* ILYT! :)