Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baitullah ; An Invitation - Rumah Prof. Kamil.

Assalamualaikum wbt.
It's been a while since I updated on my story about my experience when I was in Baitullah. *thousand apology :(

When I last wrote about Madinah, I said the next post about Baitullah will be about my experience in Mecca pulak. But yknow. Im not that busy tapi bajet mcm PM, so I didn't update.

Of all parts of Madinah, I actually forgot to tell you people that we went to Prof Kamil's house. Kenal tak? He's the author of Travelog Haji - Mengubah Sempadan Iman.

OK. From what I remember, we went to his house riding his car. *it's what he always does to all his guests. Syukran jazilan, PROF! :)

Before kami dijamu makanan yang enak + baklava made by Pn. Roza, (Prof's wife), we had a chat with his son. And then, he began his tazkirah.

Hmmm since it was few months back then I cant really remember -.- but the one that I remember the most was him telling us about Puasa Nabi Daud, which is to Puasa selang seli. I like that one. *boleh apply utk diet ehehe. (pebetul niat! -.-)

10 of us with Prof Kamil and Puan Roza :) *ruang tamu org Arab^^
SO, tu ah yang plg ingat. Ada ja lagi. Tp pjg sgt nk taip haha. :3
*rumah org Arab unik oh. They'll have two living rooms - one for Muslims and one for Muslimat
Tapi when I went to rumah my mak sedara pun she uses it as how we use it la. Gabung je tho ada dua ruang tamu.

I miss Mekah woah. Sekarang musim haji kannn.

:) Till I write again.

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