Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Seoul Garden :)

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello everyone!! (if ada reader - as usual...........~ haha)

Okay. First and foremost, I would like to wish my little brother a very happy belated birthday. And on his birthday, we went to Seoul Garden in Auto City, Penang :3 I feel so awesome somehow sebab because of him, I pun dibelanja kan kan kan hahaha.

*picture speaks a thousand words haha. rainbow cake :3 I wrote the hangul bad handwriting -.- Haha

After we bake the cake, then we gerak to Seoul Garden :) 
What's good about Seoul Garden is, when we go there, we have to pay for a fixed price and just take whatever food you wanna eat!! And for school and Uni students, make sure to bring your student cards! *I did, so I got like some discount but yeah it's sooooo goood la yknow it saves like much amount jugak ah :)

I dont know what to say more. I would like to share the pictures better. And what's best, I feel like I was in Korea for real! I remember every scene I watched when the Korean are eating and what's more important, I'm so impressed with my chopstick skill haha. 

Well, I should have been born as a Korean right? *a Korean Muslim I mean hehehe :P 

Seoul Garden~~~

along. and yeah obviously it's me :) with my good chopstick skill, BBQ-ing the meat :3 *I though of most RM scenes. especially HaHa oppa hehehe.

this is sooooo out of topic, but yeah, my #ootd :)

Steamboat pun adaaaaa. Ate em a LOT. Like seriously, too much hahaha.
There you go! Dim sum and dim sum and pau and yeahhh Idk the names hahaha

Running Man most favourite game - try not to drool watching the meat being BBQ-ed. Hahaha :3 So yummy!!! :)

There as you can see :) the Kimchi. What Korean loves to eat most. *it tastes a LOT more better from the Kimchi I made previously -.- hehehe
Enough sharing the pics. You guys must have drooled much hehe :P And yeah, I end the pictures with the picture below. Of all places! I met them :) My niece and nephew, my cousins' kids :) Nazeeha and Naufal. 

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