Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Disc Award and Im in Kuantan.

Hello world, assalamualaikum wbt! 

I hope everyone is doing fine cuz at the moment, IM NOT!
It's 15th jan right now. And Im in Kuantan!

Im pretty sad that I cannot attend GDA. It's not that I dont want to go, but I really cannot go.

The main reason is of course, Im here in Kuantan. And around this week, we suppose to have our Quiz 1. What will I tell then lecturers if I leave the quiz just to attend GDA? Gilooo.

Still, the fact that I actually can go but my logic says NO, Im pretty proud of myself. Haha.
 No, saya tak alim. Tapi maybe Im not fated to be there. Haha. I know what I will do with my life, so future, wait for me! *I dont say Imma attend concerts in future, but I'll do something more valuable la inshaAllah :)

I know this one addiction of mine is the hardest to cure, but what can I dooooo? Well I know Ive been writing this like for my whole life, but I seriously will try harder to make less of it! Hehe. Only TVXQ okay? Or add SJ and SNSD sikit? And the rest.... just like that. As how I am right now.

Actually for the time being, my progress is quite good. I dont follow much news on Kpop but only on Twitter. Kalau dulu, hari-hari bukak allKpop macam baca Berita Harian. Haha. Alhamdulillah. What can I ask more? Slowly la.

And world, please dont judge us Kpoppers like we dont know who we are and what we are obligated to do. Hampa minat yang lain we dont kacau punnnn. So, minat masing masing kan. Just dont start the mess. 

Apapun, esok is my moarning day with my friends here in Kuantan. For not being able to attend GDA lol. We're gonna wear black. Haha. Sajaaaa.



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