Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Well hello! Assalamualaikum wbt :)

The moment I decided to start blogging as how I used to when I was in my school days, world now choose to watch Vlogs.....sobsobsob.

Tapi tak kisah pun sebenaqnya. I pun bukan femes sangat haha :3 

Okay, tajuk post saya memang listen. So guys, listen. listen. listen. listen. listen.
Maybe the title is sooooo TODAY's topic, I feel funny somehow. Cuz I got nothing much to write. But I decided to write somehow. I know I cant write more, kang kena expelled pulak. Almaklum, konon je kebebasan bersuara kat Malaysia ni. Haha


Random comment of mine, as a viewer, of the video......

I, personally think that maybe in a way, Miss Bawani is wrong when she was delivering her points. Because of her being so spiritual, she said it in a very high tone, that makes her seemed rude. BUT, I COULD SEE HER POINTS. I know what she wanted to talk about and I understand her thoroughly.

Whereas, in Kak Sharipah's reply, I see no answer to any of her questions. Why can't we compare our country with others? Why must ask her to leave the country for all her good questions? I see no points in Kak Sharipah's reply, except that I now know, that even animals got problem in everything they do.....and all stuffs(which not related at all to the questions).

Apapun, in today's issue, KakSharipah, you lost in my eyes. You didnt even give Bawani the chance to talk her opinions till the end.

However, Malaysians, as much as i despise sharifah's behaviour, we must still respect her as a person. We cannot stoop 2 her level. Musn't berate women.

All in all, Malaysia, we need a change :)


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