Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My roommate and I.

Well assalamualaikum.

The topic says roommate but it doesn’t mean that Imma write about her :P But yeah, I have this one and only crazy roommate, whom I started to know since our orientation week in UiTM Jengka. We just happened to sit together since both of us coincidentally got Law roommates each. 
So when we have to walk together with our coursemate, I sure have to walk with her, and so, when we came to Kuantan, we become closer and closer. That’s the rest :)

Her name is Aini. Crazy Aini. I call her Enning, (because that’s what her family calls her).  And that’s it.

We’re so close here, but we’re not classmates, she’s from TESL A, while Im in TESL D. Hm, I don’t really wanna rant about her, but Alhamdulillah Im grateful that since Im in primary school + secondary school and up till now, He grants me good friends. I know there must be things that we faced together, being friends. But Im glad. To have these people around me. My roommate – my classmates and all my schoolmates, I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you Allah :’)

Of course, my family ( tho we fight a lot – that’s what family are kan. Tak gaduh macam tipu pulak haha).

Oh. This one, my roommate and I never fight for small things like, ‘sapa nak sapu harini’, ‘sapa nak cuci kipas’ or ‘sapa nak kemas meja study’. We just did them. Haha. Alhamdulillah. But of course, one thing I have to bear is her craziness. She is superbly crazy. Dah kalau menggila tuuu -.- Sabao jela. Tapi I don’t care much. Sebab aku pun sama gila ja hehe :P

Great life, I guess. 


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