Saturday, January 26, 2013

The ones I love in Kuantan.

Hey Assalamualaikum :)
Remember last time I promised to upload my photos for SNF2013 ? So today Imma upload the photos at SNF(Saturday Night Fever). Im happy that I spent my last semester for foundation with awesome peeps around me :3

I love you TESL D, I love you TESLians and Lawriens of UiTM Kuantan!

Le awesome friends of mine <3 Susu, Shamin, Wawa and Enning my roommate :3

We - working hard serving drinks :) Me susu Jay Hakim :3
I dont have to explain their names, but yeah they're awesomeeee :)
Awesome class + awesome classmates - TESL D <3  I heart you guys deep deep! Hikhik :p We're family <3

Me and Shira - le hotstuff! *tapi kenapa gambaq ni kabur :( Chissss salah photographer. 
Batrisyia, my awesome assistant CR performing! Wuuuuuu^^

My bestfriends since the very beginning of my days in UiTM. Enning and Wawa <3
Dyan, my roommate masa kat Jengka. Lawrien <3 *Yusra and Intan takdakkk! :(
Susu and me, *lesbo much? Hahaha
Me with my BEST CR! He's jjang! *sorry Ikmal(1af), Nazir(2ik), ShafiqAli(3af), Fauzan ( 4ik), and (Faris5is). This is Hakim and he won me as the best CR! Haha :3 Jk. But yeah he's jjang and I love him.
I guess that's all. Hahaha. Not much but a great day it was :3 Soon Imma upload photos during our CBDO :) And also some pictures from our class drama. Hihihi.

Thanks to these people that makes me wanna go back to Kuantan. I love you guys peeps :)


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