Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Engagement Day.

Hello Assalamualaikum world! Finaleeeeee I can upload pics. And here are some pics where I would like to share. They re taken by me mostly - One-day Photographer I was -.- (sumpah aku photographer tak bertauliah -.-)

I would like to congratulate my sister for her engagement ! Chukahei :)
Yes, Rasulullah tak bagi announce engagement right? In my understanding ; kita takleh bagitau to whom we re engaged, but we can announce it to tell people that somebody has 'choppp' or stamped that this girl is going to get married to a specific somebody. * I hope what I understand is right :) Kalau salah mohon betulkan. Boleh beta delete post ni.

Le sister, Angah :)

Alhamdulillah the event went well. Thanks to Paknyah who became the spokeperson representing pihak perempuan :)

Paknyah is in the middle w/ blue baju melayu :)

I think the rest of the post I would like to let the picture speaks :)

Ladies of The Rosleys

Our family-friend :) *Parents' bestfriends and so we are very like a family.
Im so happy of my parents bestfriends, thank you PaklangBakar sefamili and Pakcik Bakri sefamili for being there. There were there since Saturday to help out. Even some relatives weren't there -.- But our relatives do help out after the event :)

Relatives. Too many names to be mentioned. Sankyu cousins for being there. Especially Abg Shahrel sefamili who I even think as my brother because he and his family is the closest to our family rather than his own family hehe.
Well my post really sound like I was the one yg engaged but NOOOO I didnt. hahaha. Lekluuu muda lagi.

Some even asked, Far bila lagi? Haaaa kasut mau? Kita biaq hat atas semua lepas dulu. The rest bila dah sampai masa ada la.

Beta suci and I dont have the feeling of getting married pun hahaha. I admit it that I like the topic of Munakahat itself. But I have no feeling about anything. Emo-no side of me. Idontknowwhy!!

Perhaps because it isn't the time yet. (Y)

I just think we're too young to think of it.

Okay I think that wraps up everything :)

Thanks for dropping by! :)


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