Thursday, March 7, 2013

Foundation is coming to an end.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

In another weeks, I'll be leaving Kuantan inshaAllah. I like it being here, having awesome friends, cool classmates, and so, I know being a siswi isn't a half bad. :P

But so, I cant wait to go home, and do almost everything during the 'almost four months' break :)

Me being random
These days Im being extra sensitive. And this week is soooooooooooooooo not my week. Bad things happened, conflicts, barang2 jatuh, kepala terhantuk sana sini and whatever. Adoi. Haha

I swear I cant wait to leave Kuantan especially after my worst experience kena kacau dengan driver taxi. I m pretty traumatized to see taxi haha. Over kan. But yeahhh I trust Allah to take care of meee.

I havent applied for my UPU yet. I wish I could get any Uni cuz I dont care much as long as it is B.Ed. TESL. Hmmmm.

I was about to rant. But I dont think I m too rajin to type.

So, I think Imma say Im going to miss TESLians and TESL D and my roommate and my geng here in Kuantan. I just hope that we won't lost contact.

Oh yeah about deactivating my Twitter, Idk if I want to activate it back or not cuz Im so sick of hypocrites, ustadustazah, or dramas on Twitter, I just cant stand it. That s why. Hahaha. I think we should get a life.

I mean a real life. Sembang kencang kat internet tak jadi apa jugak. Heh.

Oh yea. Okay. I love you TESL D. Keep in touch on Whatsapp, FB and text.........ahaha

Hm not much but we got first runner up for choral speaking. and our duo singer, bat and shamin won the first place for karaoke. proud of TESL D. we had fun ! <3
This was after our choral speaking performance. BLACK AND RED cuz we cannnn :D
Im going to miss every single of you like seriously :) Except for hmmmm hahahaha. Ok I think you guys feel the same too :P Ok jk :D

Awesome TESL D is awesomeee. WE BITE ! RAWRRRR


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