Monday, April 1, 2013

...just leave, at the moment


I dont know why, these days, all I could do was only crying.......
Get emotional with everyone.
(not with my friends here in Kuantan but my schoolmates)

I know Im not good enough to even be part of you guys so I guess, for the time being, let me leave. The batch.

I love the relation. The ukhuwah. But some of you might not realise that at some point you ve hurt me. *well it's actually more to Ive gotten more emotional these days - to be sooooo hurt with what some of you might said to me, or the way you treated me.

It doesnt happen like ahhh yesterday. Nope. But these past few years, Ive realised how Im not much appreciated. Although Ive done so much. For the love I had to the batch.

But it's not that I say I yearned for the appreciation! *sound so desperate. It's just that I have soooo much that I assumed that in the end, I hurt myself.

Im just thinking of leaving. Not getting involved with anything........ related to the batch. 0711 :)

I dont blame anyone.

Bunyi macam psycho kan hahahaha

But it's just me. Abaikan.

And a simple note ; dont be judgemental. I know I dont really fit in to be among most of you, but respect. Dont be sooooo stereotype.

Farzana sekarang saiko sikit. Need time.

To get closer to Him. Mungkin tu sebab utama. Hm.

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Nia Aqil said...

Ye . Agak Saiko these days . :D