Saturday, June 15, 2013

Define gedik.


Define gedik. Like seriously.

Ive been through years, living the world where some people say Im gedik. Now define it for me please? Cause today I happened to saw a status on FB saying , ' girls kalau nak cakap dengan lelaki tu boleh, tapi jangan lah bla3 itu ini...(idontcarethisshitanymore)'

Now look. How is that? When I speak to guys? When I walk like a boss? When I become who I want to be instead of becoming who you want me to be?

Let me express is from my gedik side.

When I speak to guys..

I talk to them as how I talk to my girlfriends? I dont cakap mendayu-dayu, meleret-leret lembut manja or something? I speak as how I do, normally.
Pelik bila some guys yang define people like me gedik when most other girls yang actually bij enuf u dun think u can handle are actually the ones yang depan uollz cakap lembut-mendayu-dayu-meleret-leret 10 harakat?

When I walk like a boss

Some seniors used to say we were gedik when we walk our way. Na-ah. I dont understand this part. We don't jalan mendada showing off breasts or sth, we walk our way? Coolly? *and for now dah besaq ni, Im proud of this part cause I dont look at strangers....... Idk and I dont care. it's just sth I added up.

When I become who I want to be

There are limitations, to who we actually want to be. When some people say 'be yourself', idk what to say or be for real. I dont know who I am? I want to be somebody that I want to be. At some parts, we girls do have weaknesses and all, but that doesnt make some of you guys out there - perfect either?!

Stop defining someone! People like you make these people couldn't care any more! From having at least the intention to change, they might as well live the way they like, cuz haters are gonna hate anyway..

Look. This isn't the ending that I planned. I prepared a better conclusion. Talk later. Next post perhaps. Daa.

Love and hate,

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