Monday, June 3, 2013

...I put a limit


It's been such a longggg week. I feel so grateful that my sister's wedding event went well. Perhaps there were mistakes which we can't avoid but I believe, our family did our best.

Oh yeah. Back to why I write today.
There's this huge feeling that comes from the inside that wants someone. But there's a realization where we should stay as how we are. It's been a while since I had feelings on someone lol.

I don't know why I feel like writing tho. I've always thought it's stupid to write what you feel to the world-wide-web. Ahah.

But I believe this isn't another play. It's kind of something that I take it positively, where people should learn.

...I put a limit, when I was about to fall.

It's like, I know I'm falling for this one guy (because of some external factors), but I know I dont even deserve him. He doesn't even take my existence seriously. Im just another someone he knows, and I believe, we should stay as we are.

That is why, I put on limits. I believe we dont take things like feelings very seriously. That's the tips. When we are just about to fall, we know our limit, we know who we are.

Future is something that we might have planned, but it goes actually what God wants. We may want to keep it simple to just fall to someone we thing we should fall, but it's such a waste to fall on someone that we know, we have no chance with.

That is why, we put on limits. If it's fate, it's going to happen anyway.


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