Friday, December 27, 2013

...seconds wasted

Salam and hello world xD
It's been a while. I guess everything is going well. Perhaps not as much as I expected but alhamdulillah doing good.

And yeah, currently Im in my study week. All that I have been doing is to sleep, wake up, open my book and go to sleep again. Well I believe, that is how my routine works as long as I am here, in my room. In the house. 
Everything's near. Tend to feel lazier to eat nor do something.
Plus, food is well-guaranteed (tho my Mum doesnt cook really often.)

But yeah! Im wasting every second Im having right now. Like right now, foreal............ I surely cant compare myself as how I was during my foundation. I was so hardworking. Since it was very rare to see me go and lepak or spend time somewhere outside than my room. Naaaaa.

As long as I got the time, I would rather read than go out. Lol. Hard to admit, but yeah. That is what happened when you re first 'thrown' to someplace without anyone you know. 

Now that Im in USM, I kinda feel secured. Due to the fact that I have friends, and yeah. Im in USM people! It's in my state, my place. So I feel good. Extremely comfortable......... Whenever I have time, I sleep. BUT, I cannot blame myself this semester. For how we have been treated by our lecturers. Im just hoping that my second semester would be much better. ( Altho the credit hour seems to be 22 too T_T)

Imma keep calm! For the sake of future leisure. So yeah, Imma kick it hard. Lol Imma try my best and do well.

Just in case, if there's any reader, please pray for me. :) May Allah ease everything for me :)

Thank you :)


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