Wednesday, January 8, 2014

how interest could change my attitude

Hi assalamualaikum wbt :) 

so this is a random rambling in the middle of my study moment.............*in which I just started and there's not much I have studied tho. 

And once Ive gotten my result I know Im gonna look back and blame this post all over because I wasted my writing instead of studying. Ahah.

*pic is credit on google. and tumblr I guess.

Since Ive started writing why should I bother anyway. I should end this post hahaha. Ok it aint funny.

So yeah hm. What should I say. *I dont even know what to write yet I want to write?!
*glanced the title.* I know. What do I meant by that.

There's this one subject that we have to take, as our minor. It's a multimedia subject and that's my paper Im gonna sit in another 7 hours. And how interest could change my attitude is that, this subject is not what I chose. I was given and there's no option for us to choose what we want as our minor. It's pretty disappointing tho. Since I have a lot in my mind to take as my minor :(

Somehow, since Im already into this, I shouldnt fail myself, ey? Plus, alhamdulillah my carry mark in this subject and some other few subjects (except for Literature obviously hahah) are good. Alhamdulillah.

So everyone, 

"Dont give up to the end. Finish what you have started." - DBSK Jung Yunho.

So I dont want my final paper to ruin my pointer. Let's just hope I can do well. And my friends too. I pray for every single of us to do well. Himnae, girls! Love you :)


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