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Assalamualaikum wbt. Hello everyone^^

Ok, here's a thing. Last Sunday my sister asked me to go and listen to Dr. Danial Zainal Abidin's talk. It's a weekly thing, and he just started with the first surah of the holy Quraan, ummul kitab Al-Fatihah.

At first, I couldn't deny how reluctant I was and I kept giving excuses as long as I dont have to go to the class (obviously because I had to register my second semester in USM already so I was kinda lazy). Well in short, I ended up going after my sister pursued me and promised to help unpacking my stuff (which she did anyway).

Plus, I know I kinda need something for the inside too, since Ive been doing a lot of 'lagho' things these days T_T yknow, makanan rohani :)

So the first day I went was good. And instead of keeping it to myself, I decided to share it here, on my blog. I should start writing something that is not only beneficial for me, but some other people. I just hope it would. :)

Somehow, the first lesson is something that I have learnt, but it's okay since Im going to share it anyway!

The first lesson was about the first sentence of the Quraan, which is "Bismillahirrahmanirrahim." (shortly called Basmallah).

1. It starts with 'bi' which brings the meaning 'dengan'. (in Arabic, ayat ni dikira tergantung sebab we suddenly start a sentence dengan perkataan 'bi = dengan'. Sebab it says ; Bismi = Dengan nama. *it's pretty weird, however a very unique introduction. 

2. This brings a conclusion that was drawn by Sheikh Hamka which sounds like this,

 "Penggunaan perkataan 'dengan' di permulaan ayat shows that as we recite the sentence in whatever things we are doing, we do it for the sake of Allah. 

i.e; Basmallah before makan (Im eating this lillah), Basmallah before tidoq (Im sleeping lillah). *THIS, in short shows that reading Basmallah is a way in making our simple daily routine becoming our daily ibadah. U gemme? :D

3. Ar-Rahman (Maha Pemurah) *one of asma ul-husna :)
  • sifat ar-Rahman ni umum
  • Allah is nice to everyone, despite our differences in religions and races
This is shown in one of ayatul Quran, "Allah tidak akan menzalimi makhluk-Nya walaupun sedikit." Nampak tak Allah tu Maha Adil? :)

4. Ar-Rahim (Maha Penyayang) *also one of asma ul-husna :)
  • sifat ar-Rahim pulak khas (khusus)
  • Allah sayang hamba-Nya yang beriman.
5. In solat, there are a lot of opinions from great sheikhs on the way we read Basmallah. Do we have to read it loudly or do we have to read it slowly? (The Imam especially). Therefore, there's a lot to share just for this part :3

Dr. Bilal Philips (salah seorang ulama', pakar agama if Im not mistaken) said that Sejarah Islam proves that ONCE, in Mekah; depan Kaabah, they prayed for FOUR times at every solat. Kenapa 4 times? Sebab these people pray ikut their Mazhab punya Imam. 

THIS, showed that masa tu maybe kelemahan pemerintah. But gladly, now alhamdulillah we only pray once for every solat time kan :) Yelah,

" Innamal mukminuunal ikhwah." - Sesungguhnya orang beriman (Islam) itu bersaudara! :)

6. Sebelum baca Basmallah, disunatkan baca ayat untuk mintak perlindungan :

"A'uzubillahi minassyaitonirrojim." (Isti'azah.)

Wallahu'alam bissowab :) Setakat ni ja mampu share berdasarkan notes that I wrote. InshaAllah I will share more when I get more^^

Yg silap lemah tu datang dari kelemahan beta sendiri :3

Farzana Rosley
Fartvxqhlovate :)

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