Monday, July 21, 2014

Reunion ; Expectation and Reality.

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello everyone :)

This post is basically what Im feeling about what is going to happen during our batch reunion. It happened twice so Im not sure whether the next one will turn out the same but I surely do feel quite irritated with what happened compared to what is supposed to be happening.

1. The number of people.

I expected a reunion should include many people. And not that I can blame those who did not want to attend, but not making a effort to go to one makes some people tend not to go to. And yes, I dont feel like going this year's reunion too. (Which means it will make a group of my friends won't go too.) 

Cre; Google.

2. The reuniting session.

The thing that always goes wrong in a reunion party is that we do not reunite at all? Most people sit with their old gang whom they actually meet up occasionally so there's no perfect reunion actually occurred. 

When there's a reunion, we reunite! That's how it's supposed to be. Talk with everyone. Better yet, make a huge circle and start telling what is going on with our lives. Is that hard? You speak to people you last met a long time ago, fairly. Not only to your group of people.

It's not like I have anyone to blame about this since I was the ones who organized one. And pretty much disappointed with the response and cooperation. But what I am questioning is, why make one when we don't actually reunite at all? Or is it just me who's feeling this way? 

Pffft. Years passed, and the bond of the batch mates does not seem to be tighter but pretty much loosening.

Well Im sorry if this is harsh but exactly what I am feeling zzzzz. 



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