Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Farley's Draft 3

cheesy draft. pretty much applicable to my today's life. but not all of em tho. non of em to be exact.

the post was titled 'what i felt'.

kind of a cheesy draft. even I wanna break up with myself. lel.

dont worry it's nothing. Im just in this phase of going through my draft and posting em.

p/s : I re-read 3rd book review and realized there're like sooooo many grammar mistakes. adoi la. whats wrong with me really!

Photo Courtesy: thestrugglingperson

lalalalalalala :'(

in a very short sudden,
I Miss You.
Seriously :'(

kept in draft.
won't publish.
as you'll hate me more.

i want you to know,
i always say sorry as I Love You and I don't want to lose you :(

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