Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Assalamualaikum wbt and hallu peopleeeeee :) *as usual, if there's anyone who's reading this >.<

So yeah. If you're among my friends, you would've known that my 5th semester has started. I'm a third year student now! Haaaa how time flies. 

Okay I don't feel like being nostalgic right now, so let's get to the point. (refer post title)

Since uni life has begun, the busy week finally arrived; PRK. For those who might not know what is it, it's actually the big war moment. Lol. Jk. It's Pilihanraya Kampus. For our uni, it's not such a big war like other uni. It's just the busy week with posters sticking here and there (even the mirror in the toilet believe me!) until the voting day.

Personally, I've always been such an ignorant person when it comes to PRK. Sebab idk people and I don't wanna vote for the wrong person.
However this time, the candidates are those that I know. Yes we're friends. Of course la I support my buddies. But trust me that's NOT the only reason.
Try guessing, who're the two candidates among us? Hehehe. (This is how we met and worked together)
I've worked with my buddies and after learning their ways of working, I won't regret saying that I WANT them to win this thing and WORK it out. InshaAllah 😌 *kalau buddies jenis kelaut memanjang, I also don't care meh. But they're not.
I trust them.
I hope Rasis and Awie will nail it! 💪💪

Go AWIE go!

Go RASIS go!

*I also, PERSONALLY think that they could've done better with the posters' design (LOL hahahaha), but well, who am I to say. It's not the design of the poster that matters, it's the message that they're conveying.

May the odds be ever in your favour my friends!

Farzana Rosley :)

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