Thursday, November 26, 2015

Dear Bash-ers/ Keyboard Warriors,


As we all know for every saint, they have their own past. As for the sinners, they all have their future.

Not saying Im saint enough but Im saying that everyone has a chance. How dark is someone else's past, s/he might turn out good in the future. 

If you wanna say that I'm rebellious, well you're entitled to your own opinion. I am one of those kids who encountered the rebellious years. In fact, I could lead the rebellious kids. But with those experiences, I learnt. My seniors masa high school kept calling my name and friends' whenever there's a meeting or sth. Why? Because we did sth wrong and trust me, no matter how better I turned out in the end pun, I still HATE the way they did to us. (Jumpak kat akhirat ye)

Torturing us in front of the public, called our names as if we had no pride, and made us seemed as if we're the worst mankind that ever existed in this world.

I know how hurtful is that. I know how harsh it could be when you're being tortured or hated by most people. But I was lucky enough (if I could say..) that it happened only during school. And when we were form5, I would have to thank a few of my batch mates that have the balls to correct us nicely (with the way we could accept it; understanding our situations) whenever we did some mistakes.

While some people are hated, bashed and discriminated by a country; as if they have no chance to change. No room to improve or even a space to correct themselves. Call me a sicko, call me a liberal, I know it's hurtful because I care. Because I know that for a better way to change someone is to talk to em nicely. 

Only nicely and nicely. Keep bashing people cause it's gonna make a change! (AS IF! PLEASE NOTE THAT IT'S SARCASM YOU SICKHEADS) 

My lecturer once said; there's a difference between mistake and error. Mistake is fine; because you know you did it wrong and you will do your best to not repeat it. And error is pretty much a problem because you don't even know that you're doing it wrongly!

Life. We make mistakes. People do. And one thing that differs ours from theirs is whether ours is told to the world or well-hidden behind all the nice things we've been doing. But that doesn't mean we're holy. In fact, we might sin a lot more than those people whom one of their sins are told to the world today. 

I'm not defending. I'm just stating that although some people did a mistake, they have the chance to repent. As for us who keep judging and spreading their weaknesses, how far are we gonna go? And what do we really get actually?

And I'm not saying we should ignore it either. Let's just pray that they will repent. Leave everything to them and God if we really care (since people have been sharing here and there). It's their businesses to deal with each other now. If you're really itchy to type, you should know the right words to use when you're advising. Yea?

Said we wanna save generation. It's to prevent in future, not to bash. Well everything comes from me, I myself am a sinner. So it's my two cent. 

Farzana Rosley.



Syaza Suraini said...

yes yes yes!

i like every word, suka the difference between mistakes and error part.

hee btw haluu

Farzana Rosley (fartvxqhlovate) said...

Hahahaha halluuuuuuu! It's been so longgg since we used to blogwalk on each other's blogs hahaha :D Btw, thanks kk caje :D