Friday, December 14, 2012


this was when we watch the match at mamak in Kuantan - Msia vs Thai 1-1

I once happened to read a post on FB, from a page I have liked. It says B-O-L-A means -> Buat Orang Lupa Allah. Absolutely, the post got like most comments saying how stupid the admin defines ‘Bola’ as.

Last time, I went to watch a match between Malaysia and Indonesia for AFF Suzuki Cup in Stadium Bukit Jalil. Since I was on my way back to Kuantan, I can pray jama’ at that time.
So the game started after maghrib. But if we want to get the closer seats to see the game, we must enter the stadium earlier. So we did.

And what touched me most was seeing many people praying in front of the stadium – using Jalur Gemilang, the Nation’s flag as their sejadah. You know how touched was the suasana? Does BOLA really makes you lupa Allah? NOOOOO. And tbh, during the game, all I did was praying – wishing to Him to give us a win!

And with the winning of 2-0 goals was the greatest feeling at that moment cuz our opponent was Indo. Yknow, they’re our eternal rival in football~ besides, I cant bear seeing how rude their supporters tho. They threw bottles and all. Aghhh. (only during footballs. no racism issue aaaaa)

part of camwhore. selamanyaaaaa selamanyaaaa rimau malayaaa
And recently, the match between Msia and Thai disappoint me. Because of the stupid ref ( we all said he is paid. CORRUPTION!!) cuz it was so obvious how he was being unfair towards Malaysia. Even Fazli Sahs got red card!! Eghhhh. And poor our Mat Yo was surrounded everytime he kicks the ball.

I think what happened was absolutely unfair. (tho it happened right…..) -.- but yeah, bukan rezeki lettew. Nak buat legumana.
I hope Thai will lose to Singapore muehehehe. *sorry Nunaaaa :3

So that……… what I want to rent as Harimau Malaya supporter. InshaAllah, we wont forget our God in whatever condition we’re in. so , please NO typical Malaysian… stop being judgemental. sesuka suki ja. Bleghhh -.-

#SelamanyaHarimauMalaya :’)