Thursday, February 14, 2013

The interview.


So today I went to my previous school, SMKA Al-Irshad. I went there for one reason - to interview my English teacher, Madam Zaiton. She had taught me English since form4. However, she knew about me and my friends since form 1 or form 2 cuz we're awesome liddat hahaha. *of course, the record. we were kinda.....famous hahaha. But no harm, sebenarnya we were just being cheeky. There were only some teachers yg didnt really understand teens like us hahaha.

Okay. After melawat, I actually realised that I do, really, miss my schoolhood so much :') I know my foundation year is doing good but I cant help loving my past life - in Irshad :)

Alhamdulillah, I guess I was lucky enough to be part of Irshadian :)

Idk what's wrong w/ my lappy but I cant upload any pictureeeee >.< Penat je aku bukak nak update chaittt.

Hokay, this is the Quote of The Day, (picture edited by me). Exo Kris. :)