Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year, welcome 2012 :)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t :)
First of all happy birthday Sungmin oppa! :)

and a very happy new year, peeps :)
to all bloggers, tweeters, fbookers and internet-holics,
may our life is blessed more and more in this 2012 :D

Kehidupan 2011 saya,
a simple review :)

- I was a candidate of the big exam, SPM.
- I learned a lot on relationship - FRIENDSHIP :')
 made us grew older alhamdulillah.

Well actually I don't know what to say else :P
InshaAllah I'll write on it later on :)

*Saya mahu jadi lebih komited terhadap pembacaan saya.
nak make less of Internet and go on with my readings and my process of learning languages :)

OH, azam tahun baru? Errr, tah la weh. Tak berani cakap :P

- Nak jadi a better muslimah inshaAllah. ( tolong aminkan :)
- Nak jadi kaya? Err haha I mean, murah rezeki :) nak capai semua benda dalam wishlist ku :)
- dan kalau takdir aku untuk menamatkan usiaku di tahun 2012 ni, aku berazam nak mati sebagai seorang muslimah yang terbaik inshaAllah. ( amin amin kanlah :)

-Apa lagi lah nak cakap eh? Though it's kinda hard, my last wish is to make less.
Less of whatttt? (Lagha)

OK. Tu je takmau cakap banyak.

Semoga tahun baru masihi ni dapat menjadikan kita a better person :)

Love, Fartvxqhlovate

Friday, December 30, 2011

Running Man

Assalamualaikum w.b.t!
First of all, chukahamnida to the Running Man (런닝맨) , their PDs, their VJs and all!
I'm proud to say that all our RunningMan won the awards! :D
이광수 (Lee Gwangsoo) - Best Newcomer Award
하하 (HaHa /Ha Donghoon) - Best Entertainer Award
김종국(KJK) & 멍지효(Mong Jihyo) - Variety Excellence Award
유재석 ( Yoo Jaesuk) - Daesang Award
 Even though Ji Sukjin and Kang Gary didn't won any special awards, they're still awarded for the show as Running Man won the Show of The Year Award!
Chukahamnida oppas and unnie :)
Love youguys runningman! :D KJK especially^^

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Funny Talks on Kpop :D

Assalamualaikum w.b.t! 
I'm a kpopholic ok. Can't stop HAHA
I started to fall for Kpop when my sister introduced me to DBSK.
When they were still 5.
SO, been through everything as a TRUE Cassiopeia.
Going on with the other groups after that.
Knowing SuperJunior and all.
Then I satrted to learn REALLY deep on Kpop and their shows and else. 
If you want to say drama, I've been into it since I was 9 years old HAHA

As a CassiELF, I'm really disappointed with the thing that happened to my beloved SJ today on SBS Gayo Daejun.
However, I found a very hilarious fan-made quotes from a likepage on FB - E U N H A E HOLIC
SuJu : F*ck you, SM
ELFs : F*ck you, SM.
JYJ : This is exactly the reason why we left.
Hangeng : I was right.
Kibum : What's going on?
F(x) fans : When are you going to give us our official fanclub name?
Shawols : When is SHINee coming back?
Yunho & Changmin : ...........
Cassiopeia : Told you, SM sucks.
Heechul & Kangin : That's it! We're coming home!!!

Seriously , SME , Eat Food. :D -Jf
Some people only realise it TODAY? Well most of Cassies learned it earlier ehe.Why SNSD is not in the quote? Well everybody knows SME biased on SNSD. It's just a little fact.
I'm a SONE too so other SONE please don't get mad.
Love y'all kpop holics :) SME just need to be fair :) Until then they can only be called as SM Family :')
An all the time Cassiopeia who support JYJ + HoMin = Real TVXQ

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Which Star Sign Hides Within Your Eyes?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t y'all!
Dah lama sangat-sangat tak main quiz doe, haha :D
Missing it already, so as usual. 
I'm back, being a quiz-holic :P

This is the Q & A session :) in Quizilla of course :)

You are going to an interview and you are definitely:

 - Explaining your ambition and how you work to the best of your abilities 

Your celebrity idol/s is:

- Julia Roberts/Katy Perry 

You are planning to go on a holiday with your loved ones, you decide you want to go :

 -I wouldn't mind! I want to travel around the world! A little bit of everything! 

It's Valentine's Day and you recieve flowers from a long lost nursery friend (i know random) and those flowers would be:

-Red Roses 

The bouquet just HAS to be which colour:

- White/silvery green 

Your secret desire is:

- To have a secure, happy and wealthy life/marriage 

 Result is :


Aries (March 21st - April 20th) People can often see that you are someone who strides to their goals and reaches for the stars. This can also lead to the fact that you are a person of much enthusiasm. Despite your very ambitious side, you can be a little naive. You have a very strong yearning for support and motivation in order for reasoning of doing something you love. Your eyes are most likely a brown/green colour and your colour is red. Your animal is a Ram - this shows that you like the countryside and you also love farm animals. Your element is fire: this shows that sometimes you can get frustrated but your enthusiasm takes many people to put out. You are ruled by nature and also ruled by the planet Mars. Also, your lucky day is a Tuesday. You like red roses as flowers. 

My comment :

Firstly, I wasn't born in March, neither April. I'm Cancer. Born in July ;) BUT. Yes I'm ambitious. I am a person with much enthusiasm ( I think so :p) However, I love white roses. (since white roses weren't there in the answer choice, I pick red. As I only love roses :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bida'ah Part 2

Sambungan from : Bida'ah Part 1

OK. As we know, bida'ah ialah perkara yang tidak dilakukan oleh Rasulullah. (this is maksud ringkas dia, in which ; bukan ayat buku -.-' )

Bida'ah ni actually kalau diikutkan sebenarnya terbahagi kepada dua.
-Bida'ah yang truuuly sesatttt
-Bida'ah Hasanah ( bida'ah yang baik)

Bida'ah ni sebenarnya wujud disebabkan sifat orang Arab dulu yang terlalu taksub sampai kadang-kadang, benda baru yang diorang buat tu melampaui and truly jauh dari ajaran agama.

Apa yang aku agak geram tentang persoalan senior aku tu ialah, dia tanya camni : 
Ada ka doa awal & akhir tahun dalam Islam? kalau ada apa dalil dan nas nya?

OK! Kalau senior aku tu sekolah menengah biasa yang tak belajar QS, aku boleh terima. Tapi he learned in our school, and surely kena ambil Pendidikan Al-Quran & As-Sunnah! 
Sekarang ni, kita tengah bahas tentang bida'ah, perkara yang bukan datangnya dari Rasulullah. Kenapa kita perlu tanya mana dalil atau nasnya?

Kita sure dah tau bahawa dalil or nas or hadis and else semua tu perkara yang bersandar kepada Rasulullah. Tak perlu lah nak persoalkan mana bukti dari segi tu!
Apa yang kita perlu lihat ialah, perbuatan membaca doa awal & akhir tahun tu.
Dapat dosa ke baca doa awal & akhir tahun?
Jawapannya : tidak.

Bila perbuatan ini ialah satu perbuatan yang baik and inshaAllah tak mendatangkan apa-apa keburukan pun, maka
tak salah kalau kita nak mengamalkannya. DAN tidak salah jugak kalau kita tidak mahu melakukannya.

I know my post is a average one. In which I don't masukkan sekali ayat2 or hadis2 or anything yang sewaktu dengannya untuk mengukuhkan lagi hujah aku.
Aku bukanlah jenis yang google it to tell everyone how berilmu i am, tapi apa yang aku share is just from what I've learned. Apa guna belajar tapi tak share.
Since it's midnight, inshaAllah kalau esok pagi aku diberikan nikmat untuk bernafas lagi, I'll continue.

Fight for Islam. Jangan tersasau. Kang tak pasal jadi shiah -.-'
And ofcoz, yang baik dari Allah, yg buruk dari aku.

Love, Far :)

Bida'ah Part 1

OK. Assalamualaikum wbt.
Firstly, this post is written based on what I learned in Irshad. InshaAllah ustaz2 aku dah sampaikan ilmu yang diorang dapat, so this is what I want to share after penat menunggu.
Haritu before SPM, well I had a little harsh conversation with one of my ex-seniors. He's just somebody who I surely can't tell his name -.-'
And it's all about bidaah. I've been waiting to write for my lifetime k! (over sgt hiperbola tuh)
Since it was about few weeks before SPM, maka aku takde kesempatan nak cakap panjang.

Next, I really want to know the fact that ISLAM IS EASY! BUT, we can't take it easy of course.
This was the conversation yang I really wanted to tell him that he was wrong. GRRRR,

*conversation part 1

*conversation part 2

The conversation happened when my other senior, kaknadaalia wished salam maal hijrah. 
And, as you can read through the whole conversation, he asked for DALIL tentang bacaan doa awal tahun and akhir tahun tu!

OK, sambung next post, aku dah mula sedar yang post panjang-panjang akan buat people get annoyeddd -.-'

Continue with : Bida'ah Part 2.

A late post after SPM.

Firstly, bismillahirrahmanirrahim and assalamualaikum wbt to all :)

Long time no write, ehe. Well bajet macam orang baca sangat. Tapi tak heran, nak tulis jugak.
Sorry for a late post.
Alhamdulillah PC dah sihat. sebelum ni rosak T__T
tapi syukur double pasal semua file yang dulu boleh simpan. ehe,

SO, SPM IS OVER on last 13th Dec. And THAT night I went to Singapore.
I had a very great trip there, though I had a dinner that I can't attend( batch's dinner) 

So so so so... I had my very own good time. And planning for more activities err which I don't know if I can fulfill them.

However, it's great to write again :)


Love Far.