Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baitullah ; An Invitation - Masjid Quba'

So, here we are. Assalamualaikum wbt again :)

Well, I can't check my DQ result yet. So I guess I should just keep writing :)

OK. I told you when and how we reached there, so lemme tell you my first day experience. My first day in Madinah is extremely unforgettable. People may judge it as a test or a gift or anything from Allah to me, Umi and Abah, but for me, it was His choice. He chose us. Why would I say that?

This is how the story goes on :)
Rasulullah once advised Muslims "Whoever makes ablutions at home and then goes and prays in the Mosque of Quba, he will have a reward like that of an 'Umrah." This hadith is reported by Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Al-Nasa'i, Ibn Majah and Hakim al-Nishaburi.

So, due to the hadith stated above, the three of us went to Masjid Quba' by taxi at the first day morning that we arrived. Since it was waktu dhuha, we can perform Solat Sunat Dhuha too right. [may our ibadah is accepted]

After done praying, of course, for the sake of memory, I took some pictures.
This is it :) Masjidul Quba' [ The very first Mosque in Islam ]
* This is me :) in front of Masjid Quba. (I guess it's the front side :p)

OK, after dah solat-beli kebab segala, ummi and I pun jalan lah menuruni tangga. And Tetiba dekat front gate tu, ada dua makcik. These aunties are Malaysians. They called us, and asked for our help.

Begitulah ceritanya, until : they finally followed us till Majid Nabawi. Dah la sampai je depan hotel bila tanya fee, harga taxi increased mendadak! SITTIN RIYAL! ENAM PULUH RIYAL!
Seperti diketahui, aku bukanlah penyabar sangat. Nak gaduh ngan Tok Arab pun macam lah speaking Arab laju sangat. Luckily the hotel receptionist was in front of the hotel, leisurely smoking.

What's so cool about most people in Mekah and Madinah are, they can speak Malay well. I don't care la Malay ka Indo ka, asal kita and depa faham sudah la.
So, the receptionist guy helped us to bargain the taxi fee, and turun la sikit jadi 50 riyal.
Dah cukup syukur.

Dah habis tu, nak kena tolong those aunties and their way back to their hotels pulak. Masa tu, there's nothing I could say than I need to be patient. All I need was patience.
Aku agak geram sebenarnya. Makcik2 tu dahla tua, boleh family member tak cari?

Betul la orang kata, apa2 boleh jadi kat Tanah Suci kan..

Their hotel memang jauh from ours. We gotta pusing Masjid Nabawi to reach their Hotel. All I could say was, " Allah chose us to send those elders back to their hotel "

A memorable first day. Hm

Alhamdulillah, for second and the next2 day, dah tak jumpak orang sesat. All I did was only, doa and doa.

Subhanallah. I miss Tanah Suci :')

That's all for this post.

The next post will be :

Baitullah ; An Invitation - Rauhah

Baitullah ; An Invitation.

Assalamualaikum wbt!

Some people asked me to write about my experience, as a guest, to His Baitullah.
For real, until now, the feeling of being in Baitullah is special.
The feeling was like, "I'm here while some are working hard to be here"

Seriously, not everyone can be there. Ada orang ada duit, planned to be there, but didn't have the chance.
That's the reason for me to write the title as " Baitullah ; An Invitation"
Sebab to be there, isn't that easy as we think. Oh, ada duit then book your package, the GO.
Kalau Allah tak jemput, tak sampai jugak.

OK. Let's start with how I was invited. Allah sent the hint through abah's ex-boss, MakChar Kiah. She was a YB in TAT, Penang. Well they get along very well. Until now, even though they don't work together anymore.

Makchar suggested my father to bring me along. So.......... that was how, I finally got the chance to jejakkan kaki at Baitullah.

Our team consisted of 10 people. Mom's bestfriend, Auntie Zarina booked the flight on her own for the 10 of us, so we went to Mecca and Madinah.

OK let's make it shorter. The visit started with Madina.
When we reached there, it was morning. And the weather was sooooo cold. Sebab masa tu memang musim sejuk pun. Bulan 3 kan. Buah kurma pun still berbunga.

Madinah was so beautiful on it's own. Tambah pulak, Makam Rasulullah is there. :)

The hotel we stayed, memang extreme dekat dengan pintu masuk perempuan. Here is the view.

* Holla it's me. As you can see, at my back is the entrance. And my right is the hotel that we stayed.

This picture ends this post for now. Longer post makes people get annoyed. Hehe. I hope you guys will get excited with my experience there. Besides, I got to check for my DQ result :p

Alhamdulillah again.
May you guys will have the chance to be there inshaAllah :)

Please wait for :
Baitullah ; An Invitation - Masjid Quba'

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

UiTM TESL Interview. (My Experience)

Assalamualaikummmmm wbt ! :)
Uri marinya! ( It's been a long time.)
Hehe. Bukan lah long time sgt pun. Long time tak tulis pasal diriku :)

I want to narrate about my interview experience. Bukan aku intebiu org, tp org intebiu aku la kan. haha
It was yesterday.
Alhamdulillah. I'm so lucky to get nice panels. Panel aku Panel Four.
Both interviewers are women. So, selesa banyak :)

Memula, ujian bertulis. Yg tu biasa la. Conteng jela apa yg boleh on the answer sheets given kan.

The next was, walk-in interview. Kisahnya bermula setelah namaku dipanggil.....


Maka aku mula mengaturkan langkahku ke bilik intebiu. ( Knon nk amek tesl, atuq ayat bunga kemain. haha)

K. baca la.
Interviewer : Tell us about yourself.  

Far : *start to merapu about myself* I end the speech by saying my occupation : Lecturer.

I : y would u want to be a lecturer instead of being a tcr?

F : Well, just bcause I want to teach big people...(stupid answer. )

I : Big ppl? It's not tht u want to teach big people... U want to teach adults... big people are fat people... (smilingly)

F : haha yeah. that's what I meant.

I : Y do u think u can teach adults? Y not kids n sch studnts?

F : That's bcuz Im afraid I cn lose my temper towards naughty kids. I could easily scold them whenever I want. So, I think I want to teach adults bcuz they're alr matured.

I : Do you really think u can stand adults? Bcuz of their maturity, they cn provoke u. They cn think alr.. What wud u do if they provoke u? Or being rude to u?

F : Well... I'll be........ (hesitates for agk lama -.-') SERIOUS towards them! (actually nk ckp strict, tp ayt tu didnt cross my mind :( )

I : aren't u serious right now?

F : Yes.. I am serious. But i'll be MORE serious. (still tk jumpak ayt yg ssuai..hish )

I : ok.. hw about the current issue? What do u want to talk about the current edu issue?

F : well this morning I just read about the JPA scholarship has been announced. But of course, I'm not qualified for it -.-' And I also read about the ptptn issue. Yknow, tht ppl
want to stop it. ( aku ckp stop? haha abolished kot)

I : YEAHH.. y wud u think it shud b abolished?
F : Bcuz I think the government is able to do it. They shud pay for students. Free edu, yknow?
I : Since u wnt to be a lecturer, hw cn they pay u ur salary since there's no study fee from the studnts?
F : For IPTA, I'm very sure the government has divide the salary for lecturers.
I : that's for IPTA.. hw about IPTS? (smiled broadly)
F : Err then the IPTS studnts need to pay laa. ( kluaq laa...)
The interviewer laughed. *relief*
I : Ok, Farzana, I got no other questions for u.. Do u hve any?
F : *asked ques blh ke tk p oversea*

Then dpa ckp boleh.
Then interviewer tu ckp, kalau aku nk jd lecturer, ak kna ada master (at least)
Aku takde la tulis full. Tapi yg psti, tempoh aku kena tu sat je. Ikut org laa. And tgk masa jugak.

I've did my best. Merapu byk jugak tuu -.-' Bukan sengaja. SUMPAH. Nervous k.
Sekarang, bergantung kepada rezeki.

That's it :)

Harini pergi interview DQ pulak. Alhamdulillah boleh hafal 1 page in 1 hour. Tapi gagap banyak la kan. haha. Hm. Aku beruntung sbnrnya. Dpt surah yg senang lekat. And, Interviewer hari ni pun baik jugak. Tak garang, and they let me to be comfortable first :)

Terharuuu :') Thank you Allah
♥ so much!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Daron Malakian Laungkan ‘Allahuakbar’.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Peace y'all :D
Well post kalini is sorta related to my previous post about Azaan dalam church. (click for the link)

Ok, I read about this Daron melaungkan Allahuakbar on MyNewsHub. (again, click to read the post :)

Sebagai seorang Muslim, kita kena tau apa beza agama lain dengan agama kita.
Apa yang istimewanya agama Islam ni dari agama2 lain.
And we have to know that there's NO other religion that is better than Islam.
Always bear that in mind.

Nak berdakwah, kita kena tau what makes a different!

So, aku yang also masih lemah and average in knowledge ni, nak share my opinion pasal isu Daron Malakian tu laungkan Allahuakbar.

Hm, actually, there's no shocking thing kalau dia Christian and cakap Allahuakbar.
Org Kristian kenal je Allah.
What makes them different from us is, diorang ingat Jesus (nabi Isa) anak Allah.
Padahal Allah tu tidak beranak dan tidak diberanakkan. Lam Yalid wa Lam Yulad. Remember?
That's what makes them wrong.
Unless kalau Daron peluk Islam. Hmm, itu baru surprising.
Yet, it ain't really surprising sebab hidayah tu milik Allah kan.
Dia boleh bagi kepada sesiapa yang Dia nak bagi :)

Baik dari Allah, buruk from my weakness.

Farzana Rosley.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

girls are beautiful, YES.

*look at this awesome picture.

sat nak share sth.

pakai bedak + lipstick sahaja for me tk salah. for confidence and kekemasan. kekadang ada yg smpai overly tk make up smpai nmpk serabai.

Im not saying this to support those who wear make ups. And not to say that kita boleh make up tebal2 smpai show fake side of our face. Im here to say that make up tu tk salah. As long as tak heavy and enough to show a little side of kekemasan cukup la. Tipu la kalau cakap almost all perempuan yg baik gila pun tk pakai bedak (at least)?

p/s: I dont wear make up. Even powder, I rarely wear them. TQ. hehe. Im saying this just to open up some minds. Memang Allah buat kita perfectly beautiful, tp tk slh nk kaver sikit cela mcm pimples or whatever. Haha, :P

However, aku takut post aku ni overly open. Aku just share apa yg aku rasa. #justsayin

So, kalau ada silap salah, betulkan :)


Farzana Rosley.